Frequently Asked Questions

03. Who owns the photos?


I made a decision very early in my career that you should own your own photos, meaning I will give you all the photos on file and you can do with them what ever you want. 

04. Why should I choose you?


I believe you need to have a connection with your photographer. The first thing you should look at when you're deciding on a photographer, is their style. No photographer is the same - some are formal, some are artistic and so on.  My style is cinematic.  I love rich colour and telling a story from beginning to end.  You need to find someone with a similar personality as your own. This will help deliver photos that you are satisfied with.   I like to have fun with my clients as I believe this gets the best outcome when it comes to photos. I like to create an environment where the natural friendships within the wedding party shines through.  

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01. What does your price reflect?


Experience is the first thing to be expected. I have been a profesonal for a long time and experience matters when it comes to delivering photos of your special day. The next thing, is the gear that I use is very high end and expensive. This helps to produce high quality photos in a wide range of lighting situations. 

02.How long will my photos take to do? 


I have a three week turn around. This gives me time to edit your photos to a very high standard. I will also let you know when your photos are in the post so you will know when to expect them. If you have asked for the Album Package, I will have that finished and with the printers within those three weeks as well.  Once I send it away to be printed the album usally takes about two to three weeks to print.